Mini 14/30 Info

Ruger Mini 14 Mini 30 barrel stabilizer / strut and Mini 14/30 front sight upgrade source.

The Best Ruger Mini 14 and Mini 30 barrel stabilizers and upgrade Mini 14 and Mini 30 front sights available.



Hit the target when you Want to and when you Need to!

 ** Why our Sights and Barrel Stabilizers are Better **
Our Mini 14/30 barrel stabilizer is precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum, Because aluminum absorbs barrel heat far better than steel and is more than rigid enough to stabilize the barrel. 
Our barrel stabilizer  clamps have 98% contact to the barrel and stabilizer bar, and a lower profile than our competitors. They are made from  aircraft grade aluminum extrusion, designed to be the lowest profile and tightest fitting clamps on the market.  The 3 point attachment method ensures ultimate strength and your Groups Will stay where they should be After the barrel heats up !
The New Avenger 3 front sight is here!This new HK style front sight is awesome. A steel cnc machined body with 1/2-28 threads and a cnc machined aluminum HK style sight gives you the advantage in every aspect.   Simple and SECURE installation, adjustable for elevation. The last word in Mini 14/30 front sight upgrades. Kit comes with Sight, Post adj. tool, and Loctite 263. See the AV3 installation page for photos / video of install and as always CALL or EMAIL us with any questions. 

All Mini 14/30 Products are Ordered by the caliber,  Mini 14 .223 / Mini 30 7.62x39 AND the First 3 numbers of the Serial Number on your gun (SERIES)
You must know what gun you have !!! You Must be able to LOOK at your gun to know what you have.** PLEASE HAVE YOUR GUN IN FRONT OF YOU & CALL US IF YOU ARE NOT SURE**303-912-3078** 


Avenger 3 Install

Dec 2016

Mini 14/30 front sight removal

Jan 2016

Mini 14 bolt removal / install

Aug 2015

Barrel Stabilizer range test

Sep 2014