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Mini 14/30

Mini 14/30 Best Barrel Stabilizer

Proven barrel stabilizer, 59.00 shipped

Avenger 3 front sight kit

HK style with 1/2-28 threads 

Go to Mini 14/30 for more info

Mini 14/30 Mil-Sight set

Super easy secure install

Front sight compression clamps on the barrel of 581-583 series Mini 14/30 and a rear sight riser block puts the rear sight in line and gives you an AK style sight system that is super fast for target acquisition and follow up shots. This also leaves you a 9/16" barrel diameter that can be threaded for a 9/16-24 muzzle device using a threading kit.

For later models only


Rear sight riser, only .305 higher.



SKS Modular front sight kit

Has 14 x 1 LH threads, see more in SKS info 

SKS Gen 1 and Gen 3 clamp on front AK sights

Simple installation, awesome results

SKS see thru scope mount

Proven to repeat!

Mosin Nagant

See Thru scope mount

Keep iron sight capability and a solid scope mount!

Mil Spec rail, 3 attachment points

More than rigid and Easy to install!

The best mount for your Mosin


Ruger 1022

Tactical model Iron sights

For 16" barrels, includes scope rail, awesome sights!

Charger tactical iron sights

Includes a solid optic rail!



Bravo sights for standard 1022

Coming back soon, email us !!!!

 Our popular Bravo sights for standard 18" barrel 1022s will be back in production soon.  Please send us an email to reserve a set for your 1022. Hopefully available in July 2017. 

Simple installation


Scope rail included

Securely holds a full size scope or red dot on rail. 

infinite rear peep adjustment.

Used by Appleseed and other competition shooters.