Ruger 1022 Tactical model Iron Sights

 Hit the target When you want to and when you Need to!  



We offer 3 great sight sets for the Ruger 1022.

 1st is the 1022 Tactical iron sight set for the tapered, 16" barrel models, OR standard 1022 barrels that have been shortened to 16" or barrels swapped out with 16" barrels. This sight set has an AK47 style front sight that clamps to the barrel securely and is elevation adjustable and simple to install. The rear sight assembly consists of a cnc machined riser that has the same radius on bottom as the receiver, under a UTG picatinny rail and topped off with the popular UTG fully adjustable rear compact sight. The set is fast, and accurate and also allows for any optic you choose. 


Ultimate Tactical sight set for 1022 Tactical models




Fast and Accurate


Scope rail included

Securely holds a full size scope or red dot on rail.

1022 Tactical Iron Sights install Video

Check out the install video