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The last word in a solid Mosin Nagant scope mount. The Trueshot see through  Mosin Nagant mount fits 91/30 or carbine models with round  receivers. This mount is simple to install as it acts as it's own jig, aligning itself easily to the bore and is attached at 3 points by drilling and tapping 10-32. The 2 top holes are the same patter as the ATI mount. The mount has a built in 20 MOA taper and is extremely solid.  And the see thru option ensures you won't miss a shot if your optic fails. 

You will need a low profile bolt handle and we recommend 

Max Shepherd Bolts 

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Big Gorilla Gunworks click here

Mosin See thru scope mount

Nov 2013

Mosin Round mount Install

Nov 2013

Mosin HEX install

Feb 2014