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We offer some amazing products for SKS rifles. First we offer the only SKS scope mount that is proven to repeat when removed and re-installed, proven on video. This mount, similar to our Mosin mount aligns itself to the dust cover and only requires 2 holes to be drilled and tapped 1/4-28. Installation is simple.  It is also a see through scope mount so you will not lose your shot if you optic fails or for close range shots. Extremely rigid and comes with a windage adjustable rear peep sight.  Second is our Gen1, Gen3 and Modular front AK47 style sights, all are elevation adjustable. The Gen 1 & Gen 3 are clamp on and can be used on either the tapered section of the SKS barrel or the straight 14mm section.  Both front sights are fast and accurate and give your SKS a clean AK look and are simple to install.

SKS mount and sight install

Sep 2015

SKS mount repeatability

May 2015

SKS scope mount install

Apr 2015

SKS front sight install 2

Apr 2015